I am 30 with over 6 years an Engineer experience



Jun 2019 – Jan 2020 | Systems Automation & Control Systems Engineer

  • Service of the Microsoft SQL database servers.
  • Working with an Siemens controllers using the Simatic Field PG (viewing a FB logics, DB variables, replacing modules a lot, a bit of modifications).


Jul 2016 – Mar 2019 | Field Engineer

  • Metrology R&D work with the DFX-MM flowmeters on a first class proovers system «NefteGazMetrologiya» with petroleum products, uses the OIML, MI 3287-2018RU etc.
  • Provideing a service for costumers in general for British Petroleum, Transneft Oil Group, Gazprom.


Mar 2015 – Nov 2015 | Ec&I Technician

  • Electrical service for the leucosapphire crystal growing equipment.
  • Had service a 10 kilovolts in microwave machines, Step Motors, Calibration Scales, Ultrasonic Gas Detection Radar, Work Stations with COM port communication.

Belgorod Dairy Products OJSC

Sep 2014 – Mar 2015 | Ec&I Technician

  • Repair and service a measurement case at the part for creation milk and conservants.
  • I have had worked with the Frequency Converters, Asynchronous Induction Motors, Steam Generators.

LLC «Tandem LTD»

Mar 2013 – Jul 2014 | Ec&I Technician

RPE «‎Zarya»‎

Sep 2011– Feb 2013 | Ec&I Maintenance Technician

  • Working on the distillation column for carbons segmentation in Ec&I service.
  • Service: Rotameter Flow Meters, Level Meters, Thermal Sensors, Convertors, Controllers, SCADA systems.


National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute»

2020 – 2021 | Master's Degree in Metrology and Measurement Technics

Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University

2010 – 2014 | Specialist Degree in Computer Systems and Networks

Rubezhansky Polytechnic College

2005 – 2009| Middle Degree in Computer Technician


  • Business English, Pre - Intermediate A2
  • Metrology Research, DFX TRAINING (USM FLOWMETERS)
  • Project Creation, MasterSCADA 4D


  • Russian Native
  • Ukrainian Native
  • English Middle


I am was born in fast computerization century. Since 2000 year I am be fascinated by computers go behind to technologies. In consequence of personal interesting, I am actively being in trends of all innovations in the Information Technologies. Many years of experience has allows to me natively working with any software and hardware, doing observe and summarizing to conclusion. I can easily create any server system from the null and then provide modifications and service it. In past I have been created the Corporative Knowledge Base for Gazprom, based on the MediaWiki engine. The new look to the industrial documentation where each can did a modification and see historical changes of documents.

Since 2011 I begun my road to the Electrical Control & Instrumentation through the sensors: Level Detection / Level Measurement / Solids Measurement / Rotameters and Flowmeters for chemical industry at the Rectification Columns where there was the Crude Benzol CH6H6 processing. I had worked with Germany electric schemes in the Rittal Rack Stands. Also I have been working a lot without electrical schemes which was lost, to the old machines. I have been replacing and did a customization of the SICK: Capacitative and magnetic proximity sensors / Distance sensors / Fiber-optic sensors and fibers / Motor feedback systems. I did a customization of parameters in the Schneider / Mitsubishi / ABB frequency converters. I was doing a service of the I/O: Discrete / Analog / Digital modules in many of the PLC. Have had used many of expensive Fluke devices for measurement. Little bit have been a service of Pneumatic Cylinders and Electric Solenoid Air Valves. I was doing an unauthorized repairing at the same level as the manufacturer supplying it is production, even if it not repairable. I was doing repair Frequency Converters, the contact layers restoration by soldering and polishing at the: Schneider NEMA Contactors, and it has been worked as a new, for the up to twice times.

The strong repairing skills obtained by me, after the repairing item without replacing it to a new, when it service life is has ended, got me feeling confidence to my attainments and opportunities. After I had experience like this, I can to do any work, especially in the non template situations, when missing a documentation or needs to do a fast decision.

I have a opportunity to migrate in the any country, preferably to USA / UK / Dubai or Australia. Experience of communication with people from outside, especially from Europe and United Kingdom got me feeling alright. Feeling free myself in any trip and in all situations. Very like to fly on planes and traveling for the long distances.

Unfortunately at the moment I have no communications with people from outside, that is does not upgrade my English language and has damaging linguistics. I do not learn language from the textbooks or lessons, me trying to understand how needs to talk, in the each situation. So I just talking how I can and then got something new. For me is very important to be always in touch with people who have a native English.


I am will be a nice member to the any team, also I not afraid to be a Party Leader in the any new projects. To put it simply, I have not hesitate to create a team and easy to do a Project Management, with full feedback reporting system. I can slow the problems between Industrial Branches, because clearly has understood how it is works and what people needs. After a lot of service experience I know how needs to do reduction a service work in future. I hope that future job will open my potentials till to the maximum, and have make sure that me can to do any job and nothing is impossible.

Many Thanks with Best Regards,

Yevgeny Shevchenko


Since 2019 I have being working on the high accuracy 2 Mhz Ultrasonic Transducer for the Commercial Fluid Flowmeter.


The main idea to create a smallest, high accuracy transducer ever made, for the pressure of 16 MPa and more.


When I began draw a 3D model, I did an accent to easily replace the transducer with uses the sliding contact connector. As you see the design of sensor is very similar to the Car Candle. It was my inspiration for the first time.


Sadly the Directive 2014/34/EU is does not allow any external power connections. My choose use this prototype in portfolio and demonstrate my skills of Autodesk Inventor Pro 2021 to CV.


At the moment, I have work with a new design and on the TECAPEEK sleeve filling machine for my transducer. The new design it is very different from what you can to see in the pictures.


After the final prototyping a transducer, I will begin a test section where it will be tested by a signal generators and oscilloscopes in static tests. Then I will be doing prototype a PCB layout, ordering it in JLCPCB. Since this point, it will be very interesting to choose a pre amplifiers, DSP processor and other high accuracy components.

Normally I am doing program code using a help documentation and doing a projects as the block constructor. That is gives to me slow but confidently moving ahead.


This CV created by me, uses the Tailwind CSS Framework. Deployed at the Firebase container and uses Google Analytics for collecting a statistic about views. You can easy share it, print to the A4 format or add as a bookmark to your home screen of mobile phone. Very convenient to read in all devices.